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Your platform seems to focus on giving students homework answers. That means students don't learn anything as they just go back to school and submit your answers. This is not helping students in any way, and you also encourage this by giving them cash rewards.
asked Jun 15 in Ask Zimbabwe by mr-lee (7,940 points)

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Learning through obscurity is a fallacy.

We have an educational Ministry and exam board publishing new curriculums that teachers have no idea how to implement. To top that off the textbooks and learning materials are also not provided. Teachers have become magicians.

The question and answer forum is just a layer on the core functionality of this platform. The platform is meant to bring both students and teachers together. There is a private messaging platform that is part of this system, together with wall posts. The idea is to recognize experts in the specified categories and have them work together to mend our broken education system.

We have to accept that the world wide web and technology are now a part of our lives and the longer we hold on to ancient methods, the longer Zimbabwe stays a third world nation.

The answers that provide a straight answer without the how will get flagged and deleted. The intent of the platform is to educate through solutions.
answered Jun 15 by mr-lee (7,940 points)
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